The Alien in Eureka Seven


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With the second half of episode 31 of Eureka Seven, the real nature of the series’ apparent antagonist is shown. Dewey – who has previously only been seen as a perversely parental equivalent to Holland – and Koda are speaking about the nature of the world and it is framed in similar language to that of William Baxter. The implication is that the planet on which the story is set was colonised by some space-fleet and populated in accordance to a grand plan, but now an indiginous entity – represented by the Coralians as Egan has alluded to in the first half – is fighting back. The identity of the Ageha unit is revealed as well – child soldiers similar to Anemone but apparently without the addiction to drugs and insecurities that she shows. They are consummate soldiers, obedient and amoral.


“I Guess I Really Did Jump Off The Ship” – Episodes 20-21 of Eureka Seven

NOTE: This article is also available at Ideas Without End HERE

The plot arc which leads up to this two-episode story in Eureka Seven is all about the breakdown of communication between Holland, Renton and Talho surrounding Eureka’s strange affliction, and the action comes to a climax at this point. It is ultimately, however, one which offers no catharsis, no expected release of tension and leaves no character coming out of it looking mature or justified. The story plays out in a tense spiral of misunderstanding which leads to the most permanent separation yet; Renton leaves the Gekko completely, taking his chances alone after spending so long trying to fit in.



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