On the nature of mystery itself in Hyouka

Well, turns out Hyouka has not one but two posts on the old Super Fani already. I guess I shouldn’t write one of my own then? I mean, that’d be overkill. Except, of course, that Pontifus was wrong. So let’s fix that, shall we?

How was he wrong? Well, in “A Hastily Erected Shrine to Historiography in Hyouka” he claims the show isn’t a mystery, but a slice of life show. Whoops.


Communication Breakdown – Eureka Seven Episode 19

NOTE: This article is also available at Ideas Without End HERE

The plot arc following the first major confrontation in Eureka Seven can broadly be seen as focusing on a breakdown of communication and an inability to be understood between Renton, Eureka and Holland. With the crew of the Gekko trapped, and Renton falling in with an ultimately greedy and deluded old man who ends up exploiting him to try and steal the Nirvash, tensions are running high.



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