The Architecture of Signifiers

Over a second lunch of leftover chili I watched one of the newly-dropped Hidamari Sketch whatchamacallits.  365 4.1, specifically (yes, the cat story).  One of the things about Hidamari that I’m fascinated by is Shinbo’s use of symbols — the girls’ personal icons particularly.  I thought I would write a short post about symbolism in that context.  Let’s get to it then.


Moment the Ninth — Oops

I’m afraid here’s where I crap out for a day.  First, I got these out of order — this one should be ten, and the one from yesterday should be nine.  Second, I have to go to bed so I can drive nine hours tomorrow.  This one ends up being pretty content-light anyway.

So.  It’s one more run-through for “old new things.”  This time, it was seeing more Hidamari Sketch.  Oh, I’m sorry, Hidamari Sketch x365.  Hidamari, like Toradora! after it, marks a kind of reprieve from things; it’s twenty-some minutes of gentle happiness and amusement, like what I hear people feel when they hug puppies.  I would feel it when I hug my bunny, but my bunny hates being held and kicks, scratches, bites, whatever it takes to free itself, like some sort of tuxedoed Scottish warrior.

So, yeah.  Go Hidamari!

You could mix into this one my pleasure at finding the manga at a bookstore.  I didn’t know (at that time) it was out in America yet.

Moment the Tenth: Et tu, Hidamari Sketch?

After Aria showed me the light, I figured I’d give slice of life one more chance, and Hidamari Sketch, which I had attempted previously, seemed a good enough place to start. I still don’t think I get it entirely — I feel like I’ve gone snorkeling in a body of water that warrants a submarine — but at least I enjoy it enough now to keep at it. And anyway, there’s plenty to love about Hidamari Sketch. The artistic direction, the quirky characters, the humor — oh, the humor.



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