Do the Impossible See the Invisible

I might have to accept that I view the world in a very different way from everyone else. That won’t surprise anyone, I guess, but I was surprised to be reminded of a common opinion regarding Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: that Kamina is a failure. I disagree. In fact, I believe Kamina is a success, a resounding one. He’s nearly the most successful character in Gurren Lagann.


I Fought The Power, But Who Really Won? (Or, A Detailed Look at Gurren Lagann, Part II – The Remaining Episodes)

NOTE: This article is also available at Ideas Without End here

NOTE: Readers should begin with Part I here

This article forms the conclusion to this retrospective on Gurren Lagann, focusing on how the series, having established a flawed depiction of human bloody-mindedness, then completely shatters any preconceptions the viewer might have in an unsympathetic depiction of the failure of the attitudes presented as having the potential to work in its first half.

NOTE: While the first part focused in some detail on the plot, this second part will go into significant levels of detail which will very likely affect the enjoyment of someone planning to watch it. Be careful!


Piercing the Heavens or Just Digging Yourself A Deeper Hole? (Or, A Detailed Look at Gurren Lagann, Part I – Episodes 1-16)

NOTE: This article is also available at Ideas Without End here

This article, and a subsequent continuation focusing on the remaining episodes of the series, will take the form of an extended retrospective over the 2007 series Gurren Lagann. The series is well liked for its visual style, soundtrack and dynamic action sequences that throughout the show consistently outdid the previous extremes in terms of scale and spectacle. For Gurren Lagann this arms race stereotypical of super robot anime is integral to the plot and, once the initial adrenaline rush of seeing some new machine or weapon deployed passes, is used to a very different end.

Note: This article will be discussing the plot and ending of the series – do not read on if you do not want to be spoiled about later developments.


Twelve Moments 6 — Fate of a God

Or, at least, one who is god-like.  Pontifus had more sense than me, and spread his Aria posts throughout his twelve days.  I am now giving up entirely on a vertical scale here and just posting things; hopefully there will be enough gaps between my Gurren Lagann posts to keep them interesting.



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