A Terrible Darkness addendum: on Lorelei and Love

As the title indicates, this is an addendum of sorts to my last post, which you can find over here: [“A Terrible Darkness”]. At Ghostlightning‘s (sort-of) request, I’m revisiting Shin Mazinger and the Gothic in light of the thirteenth episode, “First Love?  The Beautiful Lorelei!”


A Terrible Darkness

You should probably expect this from me every once in a while — that is, in this post I am going to trace some of the Gothic tropes in Shin Mazinger Z.  The Gothic is sort-of my thing — or it’s becoming so.  Seriously, though, it all makes sense.  Trust me.


Twelve Moments 4 — Personal Revelations (not necessarily mine)

Depressingly accurate...

Depressingly accurate...

For anyone who missed the previous references, this past semester I took a course in the Gothic novel.  It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot of things about the beginnings of the fantasy genre — as the Gothic genre is typically viewed.  I just happened to be taking in all of Pontifus’ attempts at video game theory as our final paper proposals were due, and I sent my professor two viable options:  the alteration of mad scientists through time and what that reflects about their culture, and the Gothic in survival horror video games.


An introduction, of sorts

Hello.  My name — or at least, my erstwhile internet name — is Cuchlann.  I’m one of the new bloggers here at Superfani.  I’m pleased to meet you.

As Pontifus wrote on the About page, we don’t require spectacles and tweed.  In the sake of full disclosure, I should let you know my tweed smells of Goodwill, not attic, and my spectacles aren’t tiny — though the are also not large.  I’m also not wearing them just now.

I’m wearing pajamas right now, actually.  Grey pajamas, with white pinstripes.  I also have a pot of tea, with one half-full cup, sitting on my desk, next to the box of sugar cubes.  I’m not making any of this up, I’m just strange.  My room is in the second floor of a house full of English majors, effectively the attic.  My ceiling slopes, in parts, to accomodate the roof, and I am often reminded of the strange angles of the room in Dreams in the Witch-House.

Objects of interest in this room that may eventually claim my sanity, if not my very life:  a war banner of Gondor, a stuffed Killer Rabbit, a Doctor Who scarf I knitted myself, and a pair of steampunk goggles I made myself.  I won’t go into all the books — if you’re interested in that sort of thing, you can check out what I’m currently reading, and any number of other unnecessary, stalker-ish facts about my book collection, at my Goodreads account.

Now that I have completed the introduction — it was once very popular for modern critics, especially feminists, to open papers by describing themselves — we can talk about something interesting.

Tentacle monsters.


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