On One’s Perception of Change — in Weebs

So this piece is a little different than my norm, and therefore I worry that it’s painfully self-indulgent and masturbatory. That being said, if nothing else it could act as a kind of primary source document for some of the things contained in it? That’s a question mark because I have no idea. Anyway, my point is, I want to talk about what I’ve noticed about the anime fan zeitgeist in my time within it.


When internal fanfiction becomes external professional fiction that’s still, uh, fan-oriented, uh, wait, what? Adventure Time!

I’ve been reading this comic. It’s not Batman. It’s not Green Lantern. It’s not even X-Men. It’s Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake. And it’s pretty weird. This is where you say, “How weird is it?” No, seriously, go ahead. OK, cool.


Sword Art Online and a catchy title here, I’m tired, give me a break

Let us talk about Sword Art Online, particularly its inevitable comparison in my brain to the .hack series, its stated themes, the reaction to it, and its unstated themes. I would ask if that made sense, but it’s probably the most cogent first line I’ve written for a blog in ages (and possibly in my dissertation, who knows?)


What does a pyro have to do with a tiny god? More than random fire.

Let me tell you something odd I noticed last summer. It’s about pyros and candy and dreams. But mostly pyros.


Neutrality and the Unheard Woes of the Omnifan

This is true, but this is also not true. Do you see the aforementioned sentence as two arguments, or just one?

It has been a long time since I last wrote. The rigorous clacking of keyboard keys and the weaving of ideas that boggle the mind and soul of the Japanese visual media consumer ring faintly in my mind as I stare intently at the blankness that is the Add New Post page. Alas, these thoughts that are constantly swirling my mind are demanding an outlet of protest, for they have been suppressed for far too long.

What am I talking about, exactly? What ails the elusive enigma to the point of unprecedented resurrection? That is, simply being, the dissection of the very existence of the omnifan.


Getting into trouble with “trap”

This isn't a post about Prunus Girl...unfortunately.

The Great Strike Witches Re-posting reminded me that, given some contexts, I have a fondness for the term “trap.”

Well and good? I don’t know. Every once in a great while I come across an expression of outrage at that term. “Trap,” say these commenters, is insensitive toward transgendered people, or at least dedicated transvestites.

Barring irreconcilable ridiculousness, I’m inclined to concede to offended parties. Whatever anyone’s intention, they were offended. Someone felt bad, and that’s bad, I guess. And I get the criticism. The term might imply that a man dressed as a woman (or a boy dressed as a girl, as is most often the case when we’re talking about moonstuff) is somehow out to catch heteronormative males in his web. Which…yeah. You can see the problem.

I’m going to ask for your help on this one, blogotrons. I know how I define “trap” — it is, in my mind, a trope present in anime and manga (et al.) that’s so far removed from reality that it has no real-world analogue, and thus doesn’t comment directly upon anyone’s experience. I wouldn’t call Shuichi Nitori from Houro Musuko a “trap;” he’s too plausible. He has problems. But Know Your Meme disagrees with my usage. Oh, and I’m a straight white male. Enfranchisement helps my material situation, but it means I’m not the best person to ask about these things.

Give me some definitions of “trap.” Whether you’re outraged at the term or you regularly encounter crossdressing shotas in your porn (or both?), tell me how traps make you feel.


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