Birthday (observed)!

Nay, not my birthday, or that of any of those who write here to entertain you. On the second of this month my beard was two years of age. For those of you who wonder at its celebration, recall that my beard is this site’s mascot.

Below the cut you may gaze upon its splendor, as well as the photo from one year ago illustrating its vigor then, and its increased power into the present day.

My current state

My current state

Lo, it is true that my beard is fearful, but anger it not, and it will withhold its smiting follicles.

My state one year ago.

My state one year ago.

Celebrate! For its power is devoted to you! The beard nurtures and protects SF.c.

If you would like, you may post pictures of your own facial states, as homage to the beard, either in comments or your own shrines (twitter, blogs). Link here and remember the #bycuchlannsbeard hashtag.

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  1. Awesome beardo! I can’t grow them, I just get stubble and shave so irregularly that it probably confuses my face follicles.

  2. jealous rage

  3. You cannot grow a beard in a moment of passion. More power!

  4. Any shaping involved, or do you just let it be?

  5. @TheBigN I comb it after washing, but that’s it. No shaping.


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