Kyoudai + OGT vs. Strike Witches 2 ep. 2: Entrails

Miyafuji/Perrine, amirite?

Which is to say, welcome to another installment of our most self-sacrificing of team features! This episode was kind of boring, I think. But fear not — such things have never stopped us before. And, anyway, if the next episode preview is to be believed, great things await us just ahead. We need only reach them.

(Pontifus, Otouto, OGT)

(0:16) It seems like the fate of Japan is always in some little girl’s hands.

(0:23) Well yeah.

(0:29) That’s been a time-honored trope of anime since the 70s.

(0:30) And prior to that, it was always a little boy’s hands. It’s always some kid.

(0:38) I’m thinking of Swan, where the fate of ballet in Japan rests in the hands of the main female character.

(0:48) The fate of ballet!

(0:52) If she makes one little mistake, it’s over for Japan.

(0:56) What’ll they do? Ban ballet in Japan? How does that work?

(1:05) The investors will pull out, the international recognition will be gone…

(1:10) The ballet gods will cease to smile upon Japan.

(1:26) I think this is actually from a different studio.

(1:32) Yeah, AIG’s doing it.

(1:37) …AIG is American International Group.

(1:41) Yes it is. That’s true. It’s secretly them!

(1:51) This is why the economy crashed!

(1:54) That’s it. They spent all their money on Strike Witches.

(2:34) How long is a unit? Is it like…what is it?

(2:40) Generic unit.

(2:46) “I can’t heal him! He’s not a bear!”

(2:58) Run for cover? You’re in the sky! “Let’s hide behind the Neuroi!”

(3:09) “Behind some clouds. They’ll never find us there.”

(3:21) Yeah, I kind of wanted to see you fight it, actually.

(3:25) That’s not what this show’s about. This show isn’t about explosions and guns and fighting.

(3:31) It’s about characters.

(3:33) Epic mullet on the captain!

(3:34) My favorite character.

(3:37) Fucking Captain MacGyver.

(3:53) They actually managed to down a Neuroi.

(4:00) It would be kind of interesting if, in a show like this, the military didn’t actually suck.

(4:10) It would be an amazing plot twist the likes of which the world has never seen.

(4:48) Yeah…they’re boats.

(4:55) You have, like, you know, leg-things. You could go out there yourselves.

(5:03) That is a very valid point.

(5:06) I’m sure that, from what we’ve seen, one person could take it down. You have main character immunity, you’re fine.

(5:15) Well Sakamoto has a magic glowing sword.

(5:18) That too.

(5:35) I’m glad they didn’t outright forget about the fact that her magic was fading, or whatever.

(5:44) I guess it’s just her protection stuff. She’s not very good at white magic.

(5:51) What, did she class-change?

(5:54) She multiclassed.

(6:03) I guess it was an AD&D multiclass, where you lose your — no, that’s irrelevant.

(6:54) See, she’s not a loli.

(6:56) No.

(7:03) And the commander of their unit wasn’t, either, I don’t think.

(7:51) I would like to point out that doing laundry is a lot of fun when it means you’re not watching Strike Witches.

(8:00) You can’t leave, man!

(8:03) I just did.

(8:04) You were just gone. Just stepped out for a moment.

(8:19) Apparently I came back in time for Lucchini, though. Okay.

(8:26) You’re Italian. …Do Italians normally eat octupus?

(8:33) They eat squid. I don’t know about octopus.

(8:42) Whether or not she’s Italian, she’s Japanese. Do you know what I’m saying?

(8:49) You know what I think? I think that scene doesn’t deserve as much analysis as we’ve bestowed upon it.

(8:58) What I was getting at is, you’re going to have talk of Japanese food in a Japanese show, whether or not the character is Italian.

(9:08) Every show I’ve ever watched that’s not set in Japan mentions Japanese food.

(9:16) Aria is hilarious in that way. Every restaurant is Japanese. Except for the pizza places.

(9:32) I like this pointless captain guy.

(9:35) I like his mullet.

(9:38) He’s not as cool as Captain Global. We need Global in here.

(10:12) The military is, in fact, useless. Sorry.

(10:28) I’m going to like this.

(10:36) I like how there was a specially-designed slit in there for her tail.

(10:55) Oh God, why did that happen? I don’t even care, but –

(10:57) Now she doesn’t even have an eyepatch.

(11:01) I love when the sword cuts the lasers.

(11:20) What other show was I watching where the enemies turn into stone or dust?

(11:29) That happens in a lot of things. It happened in Diebuster.

(11:32) And the characters always think it’s pretty. But it’s disgusting! That’s entrails right there! You don’t want petrified entrails on you.

(11:44) But they’re glowing, and the happy music is playing.

(11:54) They aren’t actually landing on anyone, I guess. I guess they never do, so…

(12:37) The funny thing about Strike Witches is that sometimes they’ll actually position the angle such that they don’t have a panty shot.

(12:46) They figure they have enough panty shots to make up for it.

(12:56) I like that uniform. I want to see that.

(13:38) I thought they could all see the core.

(13:42) It used to just be in one place, I think.

(13:49) They’re all shaped differently.

(13:52) I guess it’s like Gradius. Destroy the core!

(13:59) Yeah. The big light.

(14:18) Someone must have made a shoot-em-up game with Strike Witches.

(14:21) It’s made for it.

(14:27) Yeah. I can’t imagine that it hasn’t been done yet.

(15:07) You’re a pilot. Don’t you know how to deal with a stall?

(15:12) It’s a magical stall.

(15:30) She’s not interested in shooting. She’ll just hang out and talk.

(15:36) “Let’s gossip while other people risk their lives around us.”

(15:43) I don’t think Shirley’s chest was drawn entirely on-model there.

(15:47) I was thinking about that. Maybe it’s grown since we’ve seen her last.

(16:02) Here comes the whole reunion scene.

(16:04) Now is not yuri time! This is not an opportune time for yuri…but maybe it’s always an opportune time.

(16:20) And now, by the power of unity, friendship, and love, they will all destroy everybody.

(16:32) “We just all happened to come in at the same time.”

(16:44) The thing about this show is, everything happens as you expect it to happen. The plot is very comfortable. And maybe that’s part of the appeal. I don’t know.

(17:00) Some people don’t like surprises.

(17:04) If you don’t have to worry about surprises in the plot, you can just look at underwear. You can use your moe deconstructive tactics or whatever.

(18:20) Oh, come on. Don’t open the season with a fight, and then do the same fight in the second episode. I mean, it’s a pretty fight, I guess, but I don’t know if I have anything else to say about it.

(19:16) More entrail pieces…

(19:32) She could’ve done it if she tried. She never felt like it.

(19:34) I mean, of course. She’s the sword character.

(20:33) They ought to do Lawrence of Arabia…the Strike Witches version.

(20:39) Oh my God. That’s horrifying but awesome.

(21:12) That angel looks like it’s rocking out on that spear. Someone should Photoshop a guitar in there.

(22:09) Who’s she telling?

(22:14) She knows they’re being filmed.

(22:19) Yeah, she’s telling the camera.

(24:13) YESSS! I’m so happy!

(24:38) It’s like they heard my dreams. And now they’re going to make an entire episode about flying on brooms.

(24:49) Look what your dreams have wrought!

(24:51) They’ve wrought awesome! My dreams have done everybody a favor.

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  1. Nazarielle

     /  20 July 2010

    What, did she class-change?

    She switched jobs to Samurai, that right there is a lucky proc of Swrdgrab. No I haven’t been playing too much FF5 why are you asking?

    Now is not yuri time! This is not an opportune time for yuri…but maybe it’s always an opportune time.

    It’s always yuri time SOMEWHERE, so they ought to celebrate it~

    Look what your dreams have wrought!

    This is why we can’t have nice things, Ponty!

    • Pontifus

       /  20 July 2010

      Samurai! Good. Then I want to see her zeninage, where she throws half her paycheck at the Neuroi hive and it explodes.

      It’s yuri o’clock somewhere? I guess that’s true…

      My dreams are in fact the source of all good in the world.

  2. Kinda disappointed that there was no mention of how strong Yoshika’s powers appeared to have gotten. Did you see the size of that shield? Damn!

    • Pontifus

       /  20 July 2010

      I felt like that had to do with the plot in which everything goes as planned. I figure she’ll always be as powerful as she needs to be at a given time, and we the viewers simply won’t have to worry about it.

      But then, maybe all that practicing on wild animals really paid off.


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