Analyzing ourselves analyzing Strike Witches

Because Sunday is now the official day of brotherly cooperation, I’ve decided to try to make some sense of our attempts to make sense of Strike Witches.

Bear in mind, though, that the text I’m analyzing here is that of our posts — it doesn’t represent everything said in the raw audio commentary by any means. You should consider this an analysis of what we thought was important enough to present coherently. And it’s not as though we’re employing advanced data mining software, so of course this is all terribly unscientific. But, who knows? It may be fun.

First, a word cloud:

This is just a Wordle cloud (200 words maximum) with our more common “filler” words — “just,” “know,” “like,” “really,” “think,” “well,” “yeah” — removed. From this, it would appear that our most common maneuvers (besides general screwing around) were speculation (“wonder,” “guess,” “going”), revision of incorrect speculation (“oh,” “actually”), references to Gundam, Macross, and Gurren Lagann, and attempts to make sense of the whole pants business. Yeah, that sounds about right.


Here’s a look at the number of times we mentioned plot, characters, and setting abstractly — that is, these aren’t references to specific manifestations of those concepts, but references to those concepts themselves.

And here’s a comparison of our discussion of protagonists vs. antagonists. I suppose villains are always more interesting.


We didn’t get around to mentioning every character by name, but we did mention a few:

And here’s what happens when we add the Neuroi.

Fandom terminology

It’s kind of amazing, actually, how infrequently words such as these turned up throughout the posts. Perhaps it’s symptomatic of our refusing to admit to ourselves certain notable aspects of Strike Witches.

Expletives and generally not-very-nice words

Because it’s worth figuring out whether we curse like drunken sailors or action movie heroes. Well, maybe.

I’ll admit that I initially had more ambitious plans for this post. I wanted to take stock of our adjective use, for one thing — but that would require figuring out context, and I don’t exactly have an overabundance of spare time right now. Maybe next time.

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  1. Nazarielle

     /  18 April 2010

    I’m disappointed in such a small slice of loli. :< And lol @ fuck/fucking being ~40%

    The word cloud is pretty funny, more for what's really small and hard to find, like "plot" and "fight" :p

    • Pontifus

       /  18 April 2010

      Well, the thing is, maybe we didn’t want to admit to ourselves at the time that we were watching a loli-yuri show. Or maybe there was more of that in the raw audio, and we didn’t want to admit it to all of you :p

      Yeah, word clouds can be very revealing that way.

  2. I almost want to make an “Analysing Pontifus & Ototo-kun Analyzing Themselves Analyzing Strike Witches” but that’s borderline ridiculous.

    I love how Wordle put “good pants show” together in really big font.

    Also needs more Lucchini talk. >:(

    • Pontifus

       /  18 April 2010

      “Analysing Pontifus & Ototo-kun Analyzing Themselves Analyzing Strike Witches”

      I would lol, and lol again.

      I’m pretty sure the extent of our discussion of Lucchini was 1. she’s like 12, which makes [you, i.e. whichever was not the speaker] a pedo, and 2. how did she pass the military medical exam with her narcolepsy?

      Yeah, funny how the Wordle thing turned out, since it couldn’t possibly be a good pants show without pants!

      • So, wait, if you both accused the other of liking Lucchini and therefore demonstrating that they were, in fact, a pedo, does that make you both, or neither?

        Also was she actually narcoleptic? She takes a nap at every possible convenience, but if she was actually narcoleptic, then she needed to have more hypnogogic hallucinations and cataplexy. WAY more hypnogogic hallucinations.

        WAIT: “Hypnogogic hallucinations” is a PERFECT post facto explanation for the episode where they all run around sans underwear. Maybe even an explanation for THE WHOLE SERIES!

        I AM GENIUS

      • Pontifus

         /  19 April 2010

        At this point I don’t think even we can tell which of us, if either, is a pedo. It’s an endless…pedocycle. I’m not going to join the priesthood or become a Boy Scout troop leader any time soon, though, if that helps.

        So the entire series is Lucchini’s hallucination? That…makes a lot of sense, actually. Hell, maybe it’s Franco Lucchini’s hallucination. Maybe he was a little girl on the inside all along, and society wouldn’t let him live as he wanted to, and Strike Witches is his cry for help. So tragic… T-T

        I found out recently that episode 7 is based on a true event in the life of Erich Hartmann. And I discovered that said true event has nothing to do with fighter pilots running around without underwear, which is disappointing, but it’s kind of epic anyway in that Hartmann stole Hitler’s hat. I guess a dude who has killed over 300 people has balls like that.

        Dammit, I still wish mecha-wizard-Hitler had been in Strike Witches.

      • He will be in Strike Witches 2: Strike Harder and With Less Pants. Probably genderswapped for the Nazi fetish crowd.

        A hypnagogic hallucination is like a waking dream: obviously if Lucchini (be it Franco or Francisca) is having one, then the events of the series happen, for real, but he/she’s merely hallucinating the bits where all the pilots are pants-less girls with magic propeller boots. By this logic, we can now write off Strike Witches as a work of purest literary genius, presenting its audience with an ostensible fantasy world for them to ogle young girls without pants, but which is, in reality, a delusion brought on by a confusion between fantasy and reality, thereby turning it into a scathing social critique. LITERARY CRITICISM SAVES THE DAY!

        On a much more serious note, I did not know that Erich Hartmann actually stole Hitler’s hat (in fact, I did not know much about Erich Hartmann at all. That sounds impressive.

  3. That is so freaking awesome! Perhaps playing too many J-RPGs in my youth has permanently linked up “stats” and “fun” in my psyche?

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